Professional cleaning , diamond-grinding, and epoxy application restore and beautify any floor such as your garage our outdoor flooring. It resists oil stains, water, dirt, damage from hot tires and more!

Lifetime Warranty Epoxy and easy to maintain.

Our high quality epoxy takes 24 hours to cure, We finish today, park your vehicle tomorrow.

We have three type of epoxy coatings: Classic Staining, Acid Staining, Metallic Epoxy.

Classic Staining


Classic staining is a process of a durable, weather-resistant 100% Acrylic based formula stain that comes in many semi-transparent or solid colors. It includes a sealant coat to bring extra protection to the floor and colors.

Semi-transparent Color Selection: It will show the floor texture and slightly combine with the original color while hiding some of its natural appearance.

Solid Color: Shows no texture or original floor color. It will cover every detail and imperfection.

Acid Staining


Acid staining is a process of permanently staining the floor with acid color.

Acid staining brings an elegant unique look to your floor with many colors to choose from, this type of stain is preferred outdoor flooring because of its durability and permanent color that truly lasts.

Color Chart:

Metallic Epoxy


This type of epoxy is smooth and can be apply in one metallic color or can combine with color effects to give a 3D look.

Our Metallic Epoxy provides a lifetime warranty against peeling.

It is slit, oil, salt, chemical, abrasion, anti-peeling, antimicrobial resistant, and more..

Color Chart Selection:

Solid Metallic

Metallic Colors with Effect