Wood Stain & Seal

Building a new fence, deck or pergola can be costly. It is important to protect your investment and property by staining the wood with a high quality stain.

An unprotected fence, deck, garage door or pergola doesn’t hold well against the multiple environmental hazards of Dallas area.

If you build a new fence, deck, or pergola, or a new section, we recommend to do not leave it unstained as damage can begin to occur in the first few months.

If you are planning to sell your property, one of the biggest turn offs for a potential buyer is seeing a gray old fence. You only get one chance to make a good impression, and a beautiful fence or deck will help sell your property faster and at a higher value.

Our professional process of cleaning, staining, and sealing will restore the color of the wood and protect it against water damage, sunlight, resist mildew, mold and more. We only use a high quality formula based on special waterproofing patented technology that seals out 99% of the wood from water damage. Your wood will be stronger and look better than new.


3 Common Type of Wood Finishes

1.Clear Finish: These products add no color and typically contain only a water repellent and preservatives.

2. Semi-Transparent Alkyd/Oil-Based Stains: Actually penetrate into the wood and will not peel off. They are opaque in color and leave the grain still visible. Though they do last, they will fade overtime and will need to be re-apply.

3. Solid Stain or Paint: A solid finish that does not show any wood grain, though the texture of the grain may be apparent. The type of wood does not have any impact of the final color. This type of finish is mostly recommended for decks and old and damaged wood.

3 Reasons Why You Should Stain Your Wood:

  1. If your wood have mold, it will continue to grow and spread all over and may corrode deep into the wood.
  2. Your wood retains water causing mold to grow and deformation by swell and shrink.
  3. In Texas with its extreme temperatures, the sun’s UV does damage to your wood.


  • You should inspect your deck by walking around and listening for any squeaks, try to feel for soft spots or sagging areas by applying pressure to any suspect areas that may need repair.
  • Be sure to check where there is wood to wood contact.
  • Repair your fence, deck or pergola if necessary. Replace any rotting, cracked or warped boards. Fix nails pops by removing the nails and replace them with screws that are longer than the nails to reattach the boards.

Important things to know:

  • Roughly every 4 years you should renew the stain on your fence, depending on climate condition.
  • Be sure to check with your city or homeowners association about the stain colors. Some cities and homeowner associations have very specific restrictions on what color stains you can use in your neighborhood.

Semi-transparent Color selection

Solid Color selection

Solid colors